Winston Montgomery
Taos, New Mexico
Winston Montgomery

Verse 1:
I finally found a place to call my own
The magical village of Taos, New Mexico
Where tourists gasp for air and the prairie dogs roam
And God is planning to build a second home

Verse 2:
Where the Rio Grande digs a monumental ditch
And the stores on the Plaza overflow with kitsch
Where Tiwa Indians build an apartment block
Four hundred years before the Pilgrims hit Plymouth Rock

Verse 3:
In Taos three proud cultures forge a wary peace
And the squabbling and resentments never cease
Where politics and family intertwine
And the quality of the light will blow your mind

Chorus A:
I'm gonna ask the man upstairs
If he can give me 10 more years
So I can linger in this special place
Far away from the United States

Where there's hardly any rain
And the sun will bake your brain
Turn it to dust from adobe clay
So the wind can blow it away

Verse 4:
It's where junkyards and Haciendas sit side by side
Strip malls and verdant pastures coincide
They say the town's unhurried rhythm can't be beat
And the traffic's so bad you can barely cross the street

Verse 5:
In Taos there's an artist under every log
And next to every artist there's a dog
It's a burg where poets and painters can find their groove
And you'll find a lot more paintings than in the Louvre
Verse 6:
It's where the counterculture is still going strong
And swamis and lowriders seem to get along
Where people come to do things their own way
And the clouds dosey do with the mountains every day

Chorus B:
I'm gonna ask the woman upstairs
If she can give me 20 more years
So I can find the artist inside
And hang around with my spirit guide

I'll sit back in my rocking chair
Breathing in that dusty air
Tell the Lord not to worry about me
I'll get to heaven eventually

Till then I'll be in Taos, New Mexico
There's no place like Taos, New Mexico

Lyrics Credits: Winston Montgomery
Music Credits: Winston Montgomery
Producer Credits: Duvateen Records
Publisher Credits: Cool Gray City Records
Performance Credits: Winston Montgomery
Label Credits: Cool Gray City
Short Song Description:
See above.
Story Behind the Song:
Gently satiric description of Taos, NM
Song Length: 4:02
Primary Genre: Country-General
Secondary Genre: Folk-Contemporary
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Town, Village
Mood 1: Jovial
Similar Artist 1: Neil Young
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later