Winston Montgomery
The Ballad of Sonny and Cher
The Ballad of Sonny and Cher
By W. Montgomery

Verse 1
From the motor city Sonny came
Seeking his fortune and fame
He hustled hard to win the gig that he found
Building a wall of sound

Verse 2
Cher was just 16 years old
From a small desert town, El Centro
Star-struck she fled to L.A.
Leaving her mom, a eight-time divorcee

Verse 3
Their eyes locked in a Hollywood coffee shop
And they both felt the world come to a stop
They were chasing the same destiny
The American success story

And Sonny, he loved Cher
Caught up in her ebony hair
Lost in her Cherokee eyes
A slave to her Levantine smile

Verse 4
Sonny taught Cher to harmonize
And they practiced his songs through the night
Then they worked at Gold Star all day
Hoping for a break to fall their way

Verse 5
Finally ?I Got You Babe? crashed the charts
The groovy young pair won every heart
They soon scored a show on TV
Which the entire nation tuned into see.

And Sonny he played the fool
Which he knew was the smart thing to do
Because it hid his ambition and drive
And helped keep their dream alive

Verse 6
Then Cher ascended to the silver screen
Where she was crowned an Oscar queen
And heeding her superstardom plan
She ditched Sonny for younger leading man

Verse 7
The years passed and their separate lives moved on
They married others, sang different songs
Sonny had entered political life
When a skiing accident took his life

Verse 8
As they lowered poor Sonny to his grave
?The Beat Goes On? softly played
Cher gave a tearful eulogy,
Crying, ?Sonny, you were the only one for me.?

And Sonny he always played the clown
And the whole wide world put him down
But Sonny he never cared
Because he was the one who loved Cher

But Sonny he never cared
Because he was the one who loved Cher

Lyrics Credits: Winston Montgomery
Music Credits: Winston Montgomery
Performance Credits: Winston Montgomery
Label Credits: Duvateen Records
Song Length: 5:27
Primary Genre: Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal