Winston Montgomery
Cadillac Coffin
Cadillac Coffin
By W. Montgomery

Verse 1
A rich old boy is nearing his end
He calls in his family and friends
?Before I take my eternal rest,
I?d like to make some final requests.
Send me off in style cause I ain?t coming back.?
For my coffin buy a Cadillac.?

Verse 2
Sell the ranch for a shopping mall
Give that high-rise developer a call
You kids better go out and get a job
I won?t be supporting your entire mob
Before my mistress spends all the cash
For my coffin by a Cadillac

Bridge 1
For my coffin buy a Cadillac
Make it shiny, long and black
Prop me up in the driver?s seat
Strap the pedals to my feet
Pin a lily to my lapel
And I?ll drive myself straight to hell


Verse 3
Dig my grave in a parking lot
Tint the windows so you can?t see me rot
Fill it with whiskey for the journey ahead
So I can stay wasted when I?m dead
Don?t want no German or Japanese crap
For my coffin buy a Cadillac

Bridge 2
For my coffin buy a Cadillac
Load my guns into the back
Put Waylon on the stereo
I know I?ll see him down below
Make it so elegant inside
Even the devil will want to ride

For my coffin by a Cadillac
For my coffin by a Cadillac
For my coffin by a Cadillac

Lyrics Credits: Winston Montgomery
Music Credits: Winston Montgomeri
Performance Credits: Winston Montgomery
Song Length: 3:13
Primary Genre: Country-Traditional
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Duet Male