Winston Montgomery
(It's Only a) Country Song
It?s Only a Country Song

It?s only a country song
He knows it won?t last too long
Just to own his own spread
Before he drops dead
Cause he?s not into fame
Or hearing his name
When others are speaking

He?s only a country boy
Willing to give it a try
His boots are all clean
And he?s patched up his jeans
But he?s still herding stock
In a big parking lot
And his canyons are concrete

It?s only a country song
He hopes he won?t get it all wrong
It came to him raw
Through the strings of his guitar
And he worked it all out
With the notes in his heart
Now if someone would sing it


She?s only a country girl
She?s a little unsure of the world
She talks kinda loud
To show that she?s proud
In last season?s jeans
In the houses she cleans
Praying she?s meant for better

She?s only a country girl
Walking alone in the world
But she knows that she must
Find someone she trusts
As she plays her guitar
To drown out the cars
On the freeway above her

She?s only a country girl
She wants to come up in the world
On the 23rd floor
He says,?You need something more?
In a sleek leather chair
The way that he stares
Makes her feel naked

She?s only a country girl
Waiting for her life to unfurl
Near to closing one night
From behind an open mike
She hears a good song
Begins to sing along
She likes how he stands
And the shape of his hands
And she rises to meet him

It?s only a country song
They know that the odds are long

Lyrics Credits: Winston Montgomery
Music Credits: Winston Montgomery
Short Song Description:
Country boy writes song and moves to city to make it a hit. Country girl, looking for a hit song moves to city to break into music business. They meet and who knows what will happen.
Song Length: 4:50
Primary Genre: Country-Traditional
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Language: English