Winston Montgomery
I Like Lunch
I Like Lunch
By W. Montgomery

Verse 1
I like lunch, it's my favorite meal of the day
I like lunch, I'm a working man's gourmet
Don't call to ask me for brunch, I do lunch

Verse 2
I like lunch, it's the halftime of the day
I like lunch, tell the boss stay away
Give that time clock a punch, I like lunch

Chorus A
A ham and cheese sandwich with everything on it
Wolf it down and I blaze like a comet
Potato salad or a soup of some kind
A roast beef hero bound to blow my mind

Verse 3
I dig lunch, it's the working jerk's holiday
I dig lunch, it's a mid-day slipaway
I'm sure that you had a hunch, I dig lunch

Chorus B
A roach coach or a greasy spoon
A New York deli's bound to make me swoon
Burrito grande in aluminum foil
Salsa as hot as boiling oil


Verse 4
I like lunch, I could eat it three times a day
I like lunch, from a pail or off a tray
Don't get your briefs in a bunch, I like lunch

Chorus C
Candlelight just makes me squint
A table cloth is a waste of lint
Dinner with the family means trouble and strife
Who wants to eat every meal with your wife

Verse 5
I do lunch, even when I'm all alone
I do lunch, on the road or close to home
Sourdough or Dutch crunch, I like lunch

Chorus D
Don't waste my time with a bottle of wine
I'd rather hang with the crew for a brew or two
Telling stories that make us all smile
Kinda makes the job worthwhile

Verse 6
I like lunch, it's a blue collar breakaway
I like lunch, it's an open air buffet
I always gulp when I should munch, I like lunch

I like lunch
I like lunch
I like lunch

Lyrics Credits: W.Montgomery
Music Credits: W.Montgomery
Producer Credits: Duvateen Records
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Short Song Description:
A man's lifetime love affair with lunch.
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Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 4:25
Primary Genre: Rock-General
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